Richard Amos - Composer


Never compose anything unless the not composing of it
becomes a positive nuisance to you!

- Gustav Holst

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Recent experience


Launch of EVOLVE, Richard's new project for collaborations with other artists. Aug 2005
Third album 'Breathe' Mar 2005
Channel 4 recordings - Manager of Channel 4's record label and music publishing business - Aug 2004 - June 2005
Launch of Zemon (music production agency) Sep 2003
Second album ‘Dancing in the Desert’ completed and available Oct 2002
Outer Edge Productions: Music and FX for Clerical Medical ‘Future Fortunes’ - corporate video presented by Paul Ross May 2002
Short Film/Director: Xevi Soler: Sound Design and Music for the ‘The Haircut’ Dec 2001
Diploma in Media Composition from the Film Music Institute of Los Angeles 2001
Music for the Media Course: covering music for all genres; film, commercials, documentary etc.
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2000 - 2001
‘Tears and Joy’: debut album of electronic/classical/ambient/new age influences 1999
Harmony and Counterpoint Diploma: Morley College, London University 1999 - 2000
Outer Edge Productions: music for company’s corporate video 1999
'Net': produced music for 15 minute film arthouse film for director James Hutchinson and performed live at The London Film Makers Co-op 1994



British Academy of Composers & Songwriters



"I like to compose and produce music in different styles from electronica, classical/contemporary, ambient, pop, dance genres, world music or any combination of these!"



"My main musical influences began with the electronic pop music of the early 80's such as Ultravox, Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, Vangelis, Jean-Michel Jarre and then classical and jazz; Mozart, especially the 'Prague Symphony'/'Marraige of Figaro' and some of the piano concertos, Chopin etc and 20th century innovators such as Messaien, Glass, Reich, Morricone, the piano of Bill Evans and the fusion of Pat Metheny/Lyle Mays etc."



Richardís musical aptitude comes from his Dutch mother who is a music and piano teacher in London. He is also a cousin of the famous Dutch pianist and composer Marius Van Paassen. Musical training began at the age of about 7 with piano and cello lessons reaching levels of grade 6 and 7 respectively at about 16.

Richard aged 10 playing cello accompanied by his mother on piano Richard and Robin playing cello and violin
Richard aged 10 playing cello accompanied by his mother on piano Richard and Robin playing cello and violin


During this time he also sang in the church choir at St. Anneís Church Kew for 7 years and began to experiment with his first Moog synthesizer. He built a studio with his brother Robin and formed a synth pop duo (Exhibit-A) and wrote and produced over 30 songs as well as composing piano pieces and improvisations. Some examples are as follows:

Richard Amos portraitLater Richard worked as an assistant engineer at John Kongos' Tapestry Studios ( in Barnes assisting on projects such as the single mix for Sinead O'Connor's first single 'Mandinka', Gary Numan etc, as well as some of Johnís TV/film music (The London Program etc) and even some backing vocals for Roddy Frame!

Richard has also gained a BA and MA in Business and Marketing respectively and has worked successfully within advertising and marketing as a freelance consultant while developing a professional music career.

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