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Richard Amos is a composer and award winning songwriter/producer who has made three internationally acclaimed albums of music fusing electronic, classical, pop, ambient and film music influences.

Evolve is Richard's dance based project featuring collaborations with other artists. Also, please visit  Far Horizons (Richard's award winning project with DJ Cristo) and Janis Kay.

For the latest music and info please check News.

Please also visit www.myspace.com/richardamos. 

To hear the music and read international reviews from the early albums go to Albums

Richard is also a media composer with a variety of media credits and runs Zemon , a media music production agency.

You can now purchase downloads from iTunes and other stores by following these links;

Visit Richard at iTunes Visit Richard at iTunes Visit Richard at iTunes Visit Evolve (feat. Eve) at iTunes Buy Far Horizons Buy Far Horizons Buy Janis Kay Buy Evolve (feat.Niki Mak) Buy Janis Kay